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There is a new world of rapidly evolving interest in improving numerous biological systems through the application and uses of specifically applied and enhanced bacteria. Since 2010 and from working with leading innovators such as our partner BiOWiSH Technologies we have demonstrated throughout many industrial full scale applications the benefits biotechnology specifically bioaugmentation can deliver first hand.


Our Bioaugmentation Services

There is no such thing as a typical treatment system and the benefits of bioaugmentaion will occur as a function of each plants specific flow, load and design characteristics, we can help by:

  • Assessment of your treatment parameters objectives
  • Assessment of existing biological treatment systems and suitability advice
  • Design and Implementation support of a bespoke bioaugmentation programmes
  • Full scale trial programmes
  • Measurement and tracking of parameters
  • On-going site support, product supply and client advice
  • Case studies and reference sites

Proven Benefits of Bioaugmentation Technologies

  • Capital Avoidance Solution – get better performance from existing treatment system assets
  • Odour Reduction – resolve complaints
  • Treatment Stabilisation – improved stability, reduced aeration, and improved treatment
  • Accelerated nutrient removal – Rapid nitrification and denitrification in aerobic and anaerobic conditions
  • Trade effluent compliance and cost reduction
  • Optimised water discharge quality
  • Reduced sludge production, solids accumulation and reduced sludge removal costs
  • Reduced need for chemical treatments
  • Simple and flexible integration to existing treatment systems
  • Measurable outcomes and cost/benefit
  • Natural no risk solution to the receiving environment, infrastructure or user
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • Proven within the UK and globally – reference sites from around the world

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