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Ponds, Lakes and Decorative Water Features

Easy to Manage Water Treatment System

In Lakes, ponds and decorative water features, BiOWiSH™-Aqua provides an easy-to-manage water treatment system that accelerates biological removal of detrimental nutrients from the water including ammonia and nitrites.

BiOWiSH User Guide


Benefits Improved Water Quality

  • Removal of organic waste
  • More efficient nitrogen cycle – decreased levels of ammonia (NH₃) and nitrates (NO₂)
  • Reduced odour levels
  • Improved dissolved oxygen levels
  • Reduced bottom sludge accumulation
  • Reduced surface scum
  • Reduced need for pond clean outs
  • Increased chlorine stability leading to reduced replacement of chlorine

Application, Environment and Sustainability

  • Simple liquid dosing to water feature, pond or lake
  • Low competitive dosing rates
  • Dosing can be easily adjusted to meet treatment outcomes
  • Quick response time
  • No detrimental effects on plants or animals
  • Non-toxic
  • 100% natural

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