BiOWiSH™ Consumer Technology

Septic Tank Maintenance



With Septic Tank Maintenance you are using BiOWiSH, the most powerful biocatalyst technology available to rapidly digest waste matter in your septic system. Solids are hydrolyzed and contaminants are naturally converted into their final elements which are off-gassed as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. In the process your septic system is rapidly deoderised and will operate with a substantially higher efficiency level.

Septic Tank Maintenance is the easiest and most cost effective regular maintenance you can perform for your septic tank system, providing years of hassle free service. You are aslo ensuring minimal impact on the environment when choosing Septic Tank Maintenance.

Product Code: 301065 - 100g packet

Storage and Handling:The product is sold in food grade metallized polyethylene bonded film bags and has a three-year shelf life (when stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight). Store in cool, dry location out of direct sunlight. Storage above 40°C (104°F) for extended periods is not recommended.

Safety:The product is classified non-hazardous and non-flammable.


  • Domestic Wastewater Systems
  • Aerated wastewater systems
  • Greywater diverter system


Directions for Use

1. Flush toilet before applying treatment - preferably at night. Do not use disinfectant cleaners on toilet bowl prior to dosing.

2. Open packet, pour powder contents into toilet bowl, and flush immediately. For homes with multiple toilets, divide contents evenly among bowls & flush each toilet immediately.

3. For best results, pour contents of packet into toilet bowl and flush immediately before retiring. Do not flush toilet or try to avoid using running water for at least 4 hours after flushing packet contents.

4. Repeat treatment every 3 months.

Full instructions provided on box



Revolutionary and 100% Natural Technology 

Revolutionary technology used in sewage treatment plants to naturally maintain your complete Septic Tank System

• Boosts the entire septic system including your soakaway
• Rapidly removes offensive odours rather than masking them
• Easy to use 100% natural, non-toxic treatment. One dose treats up to a 9500 litre tank for 3 months
• Digests solids reducing the cost and need of emptying / desludging your tank

Simply Environmental are proud to be the authorised UK distributors for BiOWiSH Technologies since 2010

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